COVIRTUA Healthcare offers a software solution that revolutionizes management of cognitive disorders by helping patients to manage daily problems and optimizing care organization.

COVIRTUA Cognition offers:

- Tools for defining and monitoring the therapeutic project.

- Analytical activities (re-education of language, memory, attentional and executive functions)

- Functional activities (with the use, of Virtual simulations of dailylife activities).

COVIRTUA Cognition offers many advantages:

COVIRTUA Cognition is collaborative

COVIRTUA Cognition enables the therapist not only to set the difficulty of an activity, but also to steer the exercise in real time, by adding or reducing obstacles, introducing distractors, or providing strategic support to the patient. 

COVIRTUA Cognition is immersive

Through virtual reality, the patient can move, act and communicate with virtual characters. For instance, he will be immersed in a mall for shopping, in a classroom to follow a lesson or to take an exam, in the street to learn how to find his way. This immersion will allow the rehabilitation of the patient by learning him to handle the tasks and difficulties of his daily life.

COVIRTUA Cognition is integrated

COVIRTUA Cognition includes  all relevant information for patient management and therapy.

 Therefore , this single interface could turn into the sole point of entry, minimizing wasted time and the risk of errors.

Preview of the exercice "Shopping" :









COVIRTUA Cognition can be used on PCs, touchscreens and Virtual Reality headsets (for more information, click here).

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